How to Prepare an Emergency Kit for a Global Food Shortage

Lately everybody seems to be talking about some kind of crisis in the world. On the news we hear about financial crisis, economic crisis, oil crisis, military crisis, humanitarian crisis, food crisis, but most of us take these reports for granted. If you really think about it none of the above really affect you, but there is one exception and you should not ignore this one – food crisis.

Some call it food crisis, others food shortage and if you think that it happens only in Africa you are very wrong. Many of us do not realize it, but today, in 2012, we live in a serious global food shortage. You don’t believe me? Well, lets take a step back and look at the facts. Food prices are rising. Oil and gasoline prices are breaking records. More and more fertile land is used for bio-fuel instead for food production. The weather is becoming less predictable and the climate is changing. Mysterious diseases are killing off the bees and without them there will be no fruits and vegetables. Each of these can affect the supply and demand of food and each of these can create food shortages somewhere in the world. But if you add them together, than you should easily peace the puzzle and the picture that will come out is not a beautiful one. The conclusion is only one – global food shortage.

If you are not prepared well you will be dependent on the Government, and many people are assured that the politicians and the administration will take care of them. Please do not be so sure. They are the ones who will flee first, because in a global food shortage there will be no food to import from anywhere in the world. The cold truth is that no matter how developed the country is, people will starve.

So, can you do something to prevent starvation? Can you do something to be sure that your family will not be hungry? Of course. You need a plan. You need to create your own food storage. You need to stockpile survival food and to have a survival kit ready up front. But, do you know how to store food? Do you know what to store?

Here is a list of foods and items that you can buy in a store and which can help you survive a global food shortage:

1. Stored properly hard grains, soft grains, white rice and different kinds of beans can last from 8 to 12 years.

2. Different flours and pasta can prepper food sit on the shelves from 5 to 8 years.

3. Besides olive oil, you should consider storing some coconut oil which can last up to 2 years.

4. Canned food like meat, tuna, vegetables and fruits can last up to 10 years.

5. Do not forget that powder milk, coffee, tea and different spices will be good for consumption even after 5 years if they are kept in a sealed container.

6. Natural honey is the only food in the world that never spoils and is incredibly nutritious and has antibiotic properties – definitely store it.

7. Be sure to pack salt and sugar (last indefinitely).

8. These are some item that you always need to have in your survival kit: lighters, matches and flint, water container, medicine, vitamins, bandages, soap, toilet paper (do not forget this one), can opener (pack more than two), sewing kit, set of quality knives, duct tape, rope, candles, fishing rod etc.