Luckily Residential Roofers Knew How to Save Me Money

Little did I know that a simple roof repair would put me in contact with a residential roofing expert that could help me save money and protect my house from wildfires. I live in Southern California, in the foothills of Los Angeles. You know, the area that seems to be plagued with Santa Ana, wind-driven wildfires?

Luckily my area has not had a wildfire in decades, but when the fire of October, 2008 hit the San Fernando Valley, I started to think about my risk. I didn’t do much about it until later when a tree limb fell on the roof. The limb poked a hole in the roof, so I did some research and found some residential roofer’s professionals that could give me some roofing estimates for a simple roof repair.

Larry, my next door neighbor, recommended that I look around online to find some really great information on how to find the right residential roofers in Los Angeles. In no time I had three different residential roofers come to my house and give me very competitive roofing estimates. One of the guys told me about these great tax credits that the federal government is giving away to homeowners using Energy Star compliant building materials while doing remodeling projects.

Let me tell you, all I was trying to find was residential roofers to fix a simple roof repair. But after that, I started to think about it, and realized that my home had a roof that was almost four decades old. Maybe it was time to completely replace it.

Larry replaced his roof about ten years ago with a tile roof, and his roof still looks almost new. But I ended up getting this new type of environmentally friendly metal roof that reflects heat, which saves on utility cost. The metal roof has this special type of roof coating that keeps the hot Southern California sun from turning my home into an oven.

Lori, my wife, thought that spending the extra money on replacing the roof might not be the best idea, but after I told her about the tax credit she changed her tune in a hurry. The tax credit paid for quite a bit of the total cost and the energy savings will end up paying for the rest in no time.

Lots of homeowners in my neighborhood are starting to look Roofing Repair into replacing their roofs with these new Energy Star compliant materials. With a tax credit as an incentive, I expect that all the shake roofs on my block are going to be replaced with fire resistant materials, meaning that if there is a Santa Ana wildfire near my sub-division, there is more of a chance that the all of our homes will be safe.

Long ago I got burned by a building contractor, so if you think that you would like to look into getting residential roofers to give you a roofing estimate, I suggest you make sure that they are state licensed and fully insured. I’m sure that with a little research you’ll find the right person for you, out of all the residential roofers in Southern California.